Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Feisty experience

I have been using Feisty on my primary machine since Herd 2. It has been an interesting an experience and I just wanted to go through some of the issues I had as well as some of the great experiences.

First, overall it has been pretty good especially since I had limited expectations going into it. It has been overall a pretty stable system.

Issues I had:
1. From the get go I used the network manager that comes default to setup my Static IP hard-wired network. It didn't properly append the Static tag though so I lost internet connection completely immediately which makes troubleshooting fun (had to use my Wife's Dapper machine).

It ended up being a simple correction once I found it. I think this has been corrected since Herd 2.

2. Even after I got my network connected the network manager continued to think I was not connected to a network. This would not have been a huge issue, except Liferea (my feed reader) reads that setting and would automatically switch to offline mode. This was a minor hassle, but still a hassle.

This has also been corrected at some point along the way with an update, I am not sure if the network manager is properly detecting my connection now (I disabled it almost immediately since I am using a Static IP) or if Liferea is ignoring it again.

3. The Restricted Drivers manager would probably be very helpful but it will not work if you have manually edited your xorg.conf file. This means it was useless for me and anyone else who has edited the file so they can get their extra mouse buttons to work.

I did have some problems, but overall even the alpha was very stable. Regular updates have corrected almost every issue I have had.

I couldn't see how great the network manager now worked for wireless since my computers are all currently hard-wired (only inches from the router). I also didn't play around with the automatic codec installation since I already installed most codecs out of habit out of the shoot.

I think there is a lot here that will greatly appeal to a new user and the out of the box config will definitely help with desktop penetration. I did find myself switching back to the original menu and doing most of the things manually, but that is more because it was faster for me the old way. I understand the biggest reason for the changes is to help new users and I think Feisty makes great strides in that direction.

Kudos to everyone involved, and I look forward to continuing to help as Feisty moves through beta to gold.

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