Friday, April 27, 2007

I have switched to Kubuntu

I am now running Kubuntu Feisty. I switched mainly because I decided to give KDE a real shot. I had used it my first two attempts to switch to Linux but those came to a grand total of less than a month.

Some of the applications are nice but I was trying not to mix technologies. My wife's machine was running Ubuntu with the standard gnome interface, so I decided to switch things up a little bit and try KDE.

Overall I am not sure about the switch. It is new, so I am still struggling through some of the changes that seemed so second nature after a couple installs of gnome. I have also had a few program crashes, which I didn't experience too much with gnome.

There are some great applications though, I am definitely going to keep some of the KDE apps if I move back to gnome. I want to give it a valid chance though, so I am going to run it for a month or two before I even truly start to judge.

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